The Adventures

Adventure 1: Mr. Local

In the first adventure, a young Yemeni wins my heart. We travel the country in disguise and begin to fall fast for one another.

But the spell is broken when I discover he is facing an arranged marriage and is unwilling to challenge his family or status quo.

Adventure 2: Stubborn Engineer

In my second adventure, I meet a Turkish engineer with a thick beard and a very bad attitude. Despite being diametrically opposed in almost every way, we can’t seem to walk away from each another.

As tensions between us rise, so too does the tension in Sana’a where expats are becoming targets of violent attacks.

Adventure 3: The Killer

In the third adventure, I bump into a dentist of pale face and refined manners who turns out to be a former killer with persecutory delusion. What starts as a whimsical flirtation becomes an ominous mystery as I try to figure out what is real.

Meanwhile, life is changing in Sana’a where wearing abbaya and niqab have become the norm in order to not be identified as foreigners.

Adventure 4: Mr. Special Forces

In the fourth adventure, a Viking-sized elite soldier with addiction issues and a dark secret comes into the picture. Though he and his team are armed to the teeth, they are clumsy and culturally unaware.

His follies are even more dangerous at a time when kidnappings and explosions have become commonplace.

Adventure 5: The Diplomat

In my final adventure, I meet a powerful diplomat with a charismatic personality who is much older than I am. Despite our differences, we fall in love, but history is destined to repeat itself.

The dangers of living in Yemen hit close to home, and I must say one last goodbye.