Happy Characters

I can’t wait to party in Club Istanbul again! My red trousers are ready

Anna The crazy friend

I told her, too many butterflies… but hey, it eventually turned into a beautiful book!

Bilma The nerdy friend

… and I never saw her again. She never showed up to the reunion point. Why? Ma chérie!

The Killer Adventure 3

That pool party in the mafraj…memorable! Best seen in Sana’a!

Tareq Pool party accomplice 

When this girl came to town, my business thrived! If she knew how many fights broke out at Expat House because of her…

Mahmoud Club Istanbul owner

Where are you? Who are you with? Of course I was asking you these questions… And it’s late, go home!

Stubborn Engineer Adventure 2

Mama Coco misses you! Pass by my salon and I’ll give you a big hug! (I also have some fresh gossips for you…)

Mama Coco Sex industry survivor and entrepreneur

Let´s go dance girl! A new club opened over here, same DJ and same crowd. You would love it!

Asrat Neighbour and dance buddy 

Habibti, come back! Sana’a is boring since you left. We will go for shisha, y’lla.

Sarah The sweet friend 

Brujita, you are really a brujita… I can’t stop thinking of you! I got a new tattoo, and this one doesn’t appear in your book. Do you want to see it? It wears a hat and flies with a broom

Mr. Special Forces Adventure 4